Cave Dweller

Cave Entrance

A Southern Thriller

Victoria Jacobson, better known as Vic, is the only detective in the good ‘ole boy town in, Tennessee and the only female in the Needmore Police Department. Although 2018, women still fought for equality in the south and seemed to be as far fetched as the Tennessee Titans winning the World Series. Everything changes after discovering a female corpse in Mama’s Milk, a local cave on a large centurian farm. Vic fights for control against a male dominated political system jockeying for the limelight as the body count increases and the realization that the one thing they all have in common is they look like her.

A Northern Twist

FBI Agent Dominick Moretti born and raised in Brooklyn, New York is called in to assist the small police department which now appears to be a dumping ground for a serial killer. Recently assigned to the Nashville office after requesting a warmer climate, he never thought areas remained where the GPS was useless and directions included landmarks like fence post, or the large red barn. He quickly learns that although the dirt roads lead to family farms, southern baptist and sweet tea, evil also rears its ugly head as a serial killer invades a community and holds on tight.

Small Town Secrets

Join Dom and Vic as they follow the trail of a killer revealing hidden secrets, family skeletons and a killer not afraid to play them against each other.

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