Alien Strike-force, A Copper Moran Series, Book One

Researching:  Two friends from college, Scottie from Chicago and Copper from Sedona, AZ who inherits a paranormal investigator business, renaming it Copper Moran Investigations.

When Copper’s aunt is found murdered in a bowling alley, the cops are in no hurry to find the murderer, partly because she is known one of the top ufologists in the country. Other than the exploiters, Sedonians hate that their town is known for the UFOs and aliens and her Aunt, who was a fine woman, they are laughing at her. See how pinsetters work by clicking the following link:

After weeks with no leads and lack of trying, she calls her friend from college, Scottie, a detective from Chicago to help get the ball rolling. bowling

Think Rizzoli and Isles with a twist.

This is a lot of fun as I have found the story is more about debunking conspiracy theories and has been a blast with research.

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