Nowhere to Run

Jess loves her friends, Anne, Kat and Beth. They are like an old pair of blue jeans, full of holes and not always appropriate, but a perfect fit. They meet in Gatlinburg for a long weekend before their high school reunion, but things take a tragic turn when Kat is found dead in Jess’s hotel room. Forced to work with the only detective who’s obvious suspicion meets her at every turn, she fights for him to believe her and find the real killer. From the Smoky Mountains to the gritty streets of D.C., Jess and Detective Dan McCoy follow clues that point to a powerful politician who is hiding a secret for another. 

Dan McCoy grew up in Townsend, just outside of Gatlinburg, Tennessee and is proud to be a sixth generation Appalachian. Although the heir to a Moonshine legacy, he took a different road and found himself the detective in charge of the murders of two women and attempted on a third, in a five-star hotel. His prime suspect hand delivered, Ms. Jessica McConnell who continues to argue her innocence. He will break her and all the pieces will fit like a child’s puzzle. However, a second body is discovered and she had him as an alibi, he must overcome mistrust of outsiders to see beyond circumstantial evidence. When a third woman is attacked and near death, he whisks Jess deep within the Smoky Mountains, his backyard until they are forced to follow a trail of clues to the gritty streets of DC where her instincts supersede his skill set. They must work together to stop a powerfully connected Senator and a killer who will stop at nothing to cover up evidence against him.

Journey with Jess as she discovers a strength she never knew she had and a man she never thought she’d get.


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