Earthquakes, Saturday Mornings and Serial Killers

Hello friends! I am once again sitting in my local Starbucks in Mt. Juliet, TN observing, wondering, procrastinating, and contemplating in a place where no interaction is required. I am inspired here because all of the customers are my future readers, they just don’t know it. One day they will be enamored to be in the same Starbucks as a best-selling author.  Today I am background noise in the periphery of their day. Sometimes this is good. I don’t have to answer to anyone, no questions or interest in what I am doing and no chores to do and I can write, imagine, think, post the what if question. Like, what if a barista is a serial killer; oh the possibilities.

If you’re reading this and are in the California area, I hope this finds you well and steady as the earth shimmies and shakes. I have family in the Orange County area, my uncle Bruce and his family. I care more than the impact of a passing headline. You’re brave to live where the ground is not always solid beneath your feet. Across this great country of ours, we all have our pros and cons on where we hang our hat. In Nashville, Tennessee, it’s the humidity and tornados that haunt us, however, it is a predictable event, unlike earthquakes. I can only imagine how unnerving this is, where to go or what to do when there’s nowhere to run. Like my uncle recently said, it’s the fireworks show in California. As of this blog post, all is well with them although intense last night. He does say that the sunshine and dry heat compensate for the shifting plates of the California landscape. My hope is the same for you.  For me in the TN region, my imagination escalates the news reports, exaggerates the issue and contemplates what-if scenarios. The reality of it is scary, especially with news reports showing the worst of the worst (see below link). Be safe my compadres.

On this Saturday morning, I wish everyone health, safety and winning lottery numbers!

See ya in the bookstores!

~Kolin Mofield

An author with intestinal fortitude.

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