Edits, Rewrites and Darkness, oh my!

Taking a quick break from my edits before job number two zoom meeting to say hello. I hope you are in good health and surviving these challenging times both in your physical and mental well-being. After my job loss in March, my husband’s job loss in April, things were scary and in fact, still are; husband is an aircraft mechanic and it’s not looking good until after the New Year. I do believe that those who come out of this, will find that we are stronger for the challenges. For me, as an American, I was naive in thinking we couldn’t be touched by a pandemic, at least not economically. It has been devastating with the lives lost, financial lives ruined especially here in Tennessee after being pounded by tornadoes. But out of the devastation, the phoenix will rise and be more prepared in the future. I now see why my grandmother bought three of everything for the pantry. Sometimes you need a smack in the back of the head. Learn from history people, be prepared, and keep weeks of toilet paper in stock.

The new normal that we live in has forced change. We must step outside of our comfort zone to find new ways to be successful. It has been, and is, scary to reach out a hand into the unknown, fingers splayed in front to fend off the darkness. It can, however, be done and you find strength, bravery you didn’t know you had and stocked with two-ply gold.  Without risk, there can be no reward.

Insert my bravery here (shout out to Tony) as I called the publisher on the top of my list and pitched myself directly to the owner. Yep, I did it and it resulted in a request for a full manuscript.

One day, we will look out over the crest of a conquered mountain and know we did your best.


I am sending wishes for continued health and prosperity, and a big piece of the pie!

As always, thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you in the bookstores.


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