La Nina Shuts down Nashville

La Nina, El Nino, and Covid, oh my! Music City once again is closed. Overnight, an inch of ice fell, and as you can see from the picture of my back porch, this is significant. Snow flurries and accumulation of up to six inches through Wednesday have us hunkered down just east of Nashville. There is no movement except for a wild turkey flock pecking the ground for food, frozen and unyielding, as more than thirty large birds move across my small piece of the country. Perfect weather allows my imagination to run wild, through my fingers and onto the blank computer screen.

Wintery Weather and Writer Shut-In

Feb 2021 INashville Ice on porch with pooch
Ice just east of Nashville, TN 2021

Snow is starting to fall as I work on my article for today. It is a beautiful, treacherous site looking over my back yard as the small flakes begin to fly. For me, treachery is beautiful in a macabre fashion as I delve deep into the darkness of the human mind. Why are some drawn to butterflies and rainbows while others create the dark and deadly? To quote the master himself, Stephen King (On Writing), “What makes you think I have a choice?” I have four critique partners and three of them write fantasy, love, snarky romance, such as the dragons of Tarakona series by Jody Wallace and D.B. Sieders. Another CP, Monica McCabe’s is rebranding for self-publication as she learns the vast venue of independent publishing. My CP in Florida is like me and shatters the mind with dark intricacy. We all complement each other, bringing different aspects to our critique sessions as well as our friendship. To be a writer or at least a successful one, you must be able to hear the hard truth of criticism to learn. A good critique group/partner also offers support and reminder that although we have a lot to learn, your flowery prose is a thing of absolute beauty. However, keep your feet planted securely on the ground, it’s very complicated. I’m an oxymoron. I’m a positive person finding the silver lining in every situation; but in my imagination, I see murder in the subtitles.

Hunker Down & My Writing Method

Every writer has their way. I see the story like a movie running through my mind, and if I don’t get the words down quick enough, I tend to flounder as the images move forward, and I watch. Not today, though, I’m inspired by the gloom, entranced by the falling flakes, and by the rare occurrence of the winter wonderland. So I look into Eddie’s story, her first book in a series, as we meet the multitude of potential suspects and delve into their lives, their stories, their motive, and yes, hope you are unable to see the killer – not yet anyway. 😀 Muhahahaha

If you’re lucky enough to live in an area with snow, build a snowman, have a snowball fight, just have some fun, and allow childlike wonder to drive!

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See you in the bookstores!


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