Snow in Nashville, The Funk and a New Year.

Happy New Year from Nashville!

As a resident of middle Tennessee and a Realtor® for the Nashville area, it’s true that we are a top destination for getaways. Our ever-growing popularity is a double-edged sword for locals. For those who were born and raised here, tears flow freely for what used to be, and are enough to raise the level of the Cumberland River. As a Realtor, my second job to find people their forever home is busier than ever and I’m able to carve out a nice living while pursuing my love of writing and storytelling. Nashville is ranked as the 4th best real estate market in the U.S. by WalletHub and continues to attract multibillion dollar companies. I welcome you with open arms as you transplant your family to our wonderful community (for more info, call me at Benchmark Realty, 615-288-8292). If you’re coming for a visit, check out my Nashville information page for cool things to do, parking tricks and places to eat. Safe travels!

Digging out of the Funk

As I step into 2022, it’s been difficult to claw my way out of the doldrums, the funk, the grave of the nothing and step into the sunlight. Just like The Never-Ending Story, sometimes the nothing catches us, and we are our own worst enemy. As I peer out through my office window, sunlight streams through the snowcapped branches of our Cedars and it’s beautiful. Gentle wisps of smoke rise from my neighbor’s fireplace as I envision them warm and cozy. Life is good and I know my feelings/emotions are a result of brain reactions from some unknown evolutionary glitch. I’m trying different strategies to change, but it is a constant struggle. I’ve done the medication route and it’s a quick fix, but it stifles my creativity. I want to fix the problem – or at least have manageable solutions without the bandage.

Meditation and Techniques

Woman Hanging from Rock Ledge

I’ve been reading articles from Psychology Today that have touted options. For example, meditation. At first, I felt silly. I talk myself out of trying things, like this won’t work, how can it, just concentrate on breathing and exhaling negative thoughts, blah, blah, blah. The more I meditate and try to keep the demons at bay, the more it seems to work. I must chase the negative monsters from enveloping my soul, find the muse, the courage, and the confidence to reach for the impossible dream. Good habits keep us healthy – physically and mentally. Keep looking for what works for you. I’ve just found Dan Harris’s Book 10% Happier… on Audible and looking forward to hearing what works for him. His 10% Happier App is very popular, and I’ve downloaded it on my phone. I will let you know if it works for me!

Monk @ Psychiatrist

For now, every morning I tell myself that I’m an author, storyteller and good enough for people to buy my book. I’m a hell of a Realtor and can manage all; referrals around the country, buying and selling here and managing life for balance. I believe in me – and you! Keep fighting! Find your muse, your inspiration to drive you to the next level of happiness. We can do this together!

Self-Serving Algarhythms

Once again, here’s a video for Google to like me because unlike people, algarhythms matter to this entity that can pull us out of the oblivion into your browser.

In Closing…

As always, thanks for stopping by my site, possibly sharing and following. If someone you know struggles with depression or anxiety, reach out to them and offer encouragement, support or just a listening ear. We all make a difference!

See ya in the bookstores!


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