Creativity: The Human Element vs AI

Fear of the unknown, is it warranted? Executives say yes. The Terminator's Skynet and 2001: A Space Odyssey HAL 9000 put our fears on the movie screen, showing that technological advancement may be our demise. Did you know that "Good Morning Dave" wasn't part of the Script for A Space Odyssey? It was made famous... Continue Reading →

Sunday at Starbucks!

A great writing session at my local Starbucks in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee and finished Chapter One of my new series. Saw an old friend after ten years and great to catch up after all this time. Waving to April! Takes me back to the days of inline hockey and the travel team, TN Inferno. Miss... Continue Reading →

Cedar logs and eggnog.

Hard to believe Christmas is in six days. Youngest drove down from Michigan yesterday, son number three and two, live near and we will miss son number one and his beautiful fiance Laura, during the holidays. I am one of those people who never seem to start their decorating or shopping until the week of... Continue Reading →

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