Creativity: The Human Element vs AI

Fear of the unknown, is it warranted? Executives say yes.

The Terminator’s Skynet and 2001: A Space Odyssey HAL 9000 put our fears on the movie screen, showing that technological advancement may be our demise. Did you know that “Good Morning Dave” wasn’t part of the Script for A Space Odyssey? It was made famous by Independence Day. IRobot offers robotic intelligence that may evolve, dream, create, and ultimately make humans obsolete. SkyNet declares war on humans, devastating our race and planet as technology becomes aware, and like a child, a bully, wants it all.

I am a creator, a creative, a writer, a novelist on my way to publication. I am a storyteller and proud of it. I have not physically killed the bad guys to save the world, but I’m still proud that the words and storyline are mine, as are the characterizations. Without express written permission, no one has permission to use my work for AI. Just because a computer program is behind the act, someone is responsible. Just because I am not on the best-sellers list, YET, my rights matter.

I’m a good end user of Word and Excel social media platforms, but outside of that, my understanding is no more than a grain of sand in the beaches of technology. I am a writer, creating worlds that flow onto the page through technology. It also is concerning because the control is not with the general population. Technology Executives signed an open letter to pause AI, “A.I. tools present profound risks to society and humanity.” There are genuine fears for our future by technology giants; we should listen.

Authors Sue Open AI for CHATGrp Chatbot.

In a New York Times article from September 20, 2023, several best-selling authors are challenging the use of their proprietary works to be downloaded into AI to potentially mimic the author’s voice. They are standing up for their rights, for all authors now, and that follow them. When a work of fiction is published, it does not give anyone, anything, the right to use it for anything other than its purpose the enjoyment of the story.

Vintage Royal Typewriter

My Conclusion

Undoubtedly, technology has made the writing process more accessible, with research at our fingertips rather than the library or encyclopedias. No more typewritten pages. Grammar, facts, and format are now easily implemented. Agents and publishers contacted via email to review our work, and we don’t have to wait for the mail to return our request for a full manuscript or the dreaded rejection. We, the following best-selling authors, are waiting in the wings as the authors before we pave the way to success. Thank you, John Grisham, George R.R. Martin, David Baldacci, Jodi Picoult, George Saunders, Michael Connelly, and all brave creatives fighting for our rights.

Obligatory Video to Appease the Google Video Algorithms. I am a Supernatural fan.

A story of two brothers fighting against monsters. It’s a fun series for escape. Netflix

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