Serial Killers, Severe Weather & Bully Sticks

Hello friends! I am sitting in my local Starbucks in Mt. Juliet, TN observing, wondering, procrastinating, and contemplating in a place where no interaction is required. Today I am background noise in the periphery of their day. But one day they will be enamored to visit the same Starbucks as a local best-selling author. I am inspired in isolation surrounded by people. I don’t have to answer to anyone, no questions or interest in what I am doing and no pending chores. I can write, imagine, think, post the what if question. Like, what if a barista is a serial killer; oh the possibilities.

Severe Weather

Mt. Juliet Tornado 2020
March 2020 Mt. Juliet

Last night was bumpin with the thunder and multiple lightning strikes; it moved fast and hard as it sped over middle-Tennessee. Many of us hid in our safe place, grabbing dogs, important items like passports and birth certificates and for me, my laptop. Memories of the 2020 tornadoes cause a hyperviligence I never thought I’d experience. I used to love thunderstorms. Now I consider mortality and they are no longer mother nature’s light show for all to enjoy. I hope one day that will change, but for now, I cradle those I love, things I need and hope the trees fall away from the house. We had a “widow maker” in the back. The tree top had broke from straight line winds and hung between three trees. It would have been very expensive to have them professionally cut (forty feet high) and it fell last night. No damage, just the finger of God pushed it over and down. No widows, house damage, just time to get the chain saw and be happy to throw in the fireplace next year.

Natural Dog Chews

Pay attention to me!!

I have a couple of pound puppies, both terrier mix, one mostely Jack Russell Terrorist. Yes, you read that correctly, terrorist. Love her dearly but have to have creative ways to keep her occupied. She’s just over a year old and like a toddler, if I write or get on the phone, she barks at me. My local specialty Pet Store, Mutts and Meows has helped me find ways to keep her busy. My favorite tip is the pup-cicle. The kong dog toy, stuff it full of canned dog food mixed with training treats or dry food, and freeze. This is a God send, inexpensive way to provide enrinchment.

There’s another item Rizzy loves and keeps her busy during the day are bully sticks. All natural, but whew, do they smell. Ugh. My wonderful customer service at Mutts and Meows finally told me what they are… dried bull penis. Yep. I kid you not and husband doesn’t know, ha. Men are funny that way. Now that I think about it, I have never seen a man in there buying them. They have everything, esophagus, chicken feet, heads, everything – nothing goes to waste no matter how disqusted I am, it’s a great thing. Check them out, their website is in blue. Support small business and your pet will love you for it!

Serial Killer Barista. Oh yes. Another series to like on the dark side with a twist is Dexter.

Love this show!

Obligatory video to appease the Google Gods!

Here’s wishing you good health, success and the winning lottery numbers!

See ya in the bookstores!

~Kolin Mofield

An author with intestinal fortitude.

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